Vasiliki Dimakopoulou
Director & Piano TeacherDirector & Piano Teacher

Vasiliki is originally from Greece (home town Athens) and lives the last 4 years in London.
She started learning piano when she was 10 and studied in Elefsis Conservatory for 10 years, advanced piano, theory and harmony.
She says it “was love by the first touch”


In parallel with her music studies, she got her bachelor in Political Sciences from Law school of Athens, as well as an MBA from OPEN UNIVERSITY in London.
Vasiliki started teaching piano in Greece when she was 20, teaching young children both piano and theory.
In 2018-19 she attended the Piano Teachers’ Course in London and graduated, having thought by tutors like Lucinda Mackworth-Young, Dr Sally Cathcart, Graham Fitch, Beate Toyka, Ilga Pitkevica, Masayuki Tayama.
She has attended masterclasses from Roza Yoder (Chopin’s academy) and lot of masterclasses which are helping her to enhance her knowledge and become a better piano teacher.
Today Vasiliki is teaching in London, all grades for piano and theory as well as adult students who want to learn how to play and/or create their own music, by reading and improvising.
She is also very much interested in music history and has written her own book, which she teaches to her pupils, helping them to recognise musical styles and understand better the evolution of music.
Vasiliki inspired to create Aegean Music Courses, during her summer holidays in Spetses, giving the opportunity to people worldwide to experience the beauty of the island in combination with learning from some of the best tutors.
A warm welcome to everyone.