Omri Mor
 Pianist and Composer

Omri Mor is one of the most diverse, versatile and fresh voices to emerge from the current jazz musical scene. His musical spectrum is unimaginable; from Classical and Jazz, through to Arabo – Andalousian, Algerian Chaabi and Latin music. All of these make up his musical nature.
Omri has performed worldwide alongside the internationally acclaimed, Israeli bass player and composer, Avishai Cohen, as part of his renowned Trio formation. Omri has also performed with many major Jazz artists, such as Jimmy Cobb, Mark Guiliana, Gregory Hutchinson, John Zorn, Peter Bernstein and Omer Avital.
He is currently a member of drummer Karim Ziad’s group, the Algerian Chaabi Orchestra ElGusto, and also collaborates with Rai pioneer pianist Maurice El Medioni and Morrocan singers; Hamid El Kasri, Abdelkebir Merchane and Marwan Hadji. He has also performed with many symphonic orchestras in Israel, as well as the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra. Alongside these great accomplishments, Omri has performed with popular Israeli artists such as Berry Sakharof, Micha Shitrit, Shlomo Gronich, Shlomo Bar, Rami Kleinstein, Rabbi Haim Louk and Benjamin Bouzaglo.
Born in Israel (December 22nd, 1983), Mor began learning to play the piano at the age of 7, and taught himself by listening to his older brother play the keyboard. By the age of 11, Omri had his first piano lesson; “I didn’t know how to read music at that age, so the teacher had to play a Beethoven sonata for me many times, so I could learn it part by part by listening to and watching him”.
At 13, he began taking further piano studies under the guidance of Professor Benjamin Oren, who taught him to read music and developed his piano skills.
At this time, he also met Jazz saxophone legend and educator, Arnie Lawrence, who played with ‘musical giants’ such as Dizzy Gillespie, Clark Terry, Chico Hamilton, and the rock band “Blood Sweat and Tears”. After participating in his Jazz classes, within one year, Arnie gave Omri his first gig playing duets with him every week at a local restaurant;
“I feel so lucky that I had the opportunity to have Arnie around me at such an early stage of my musical development. I only knew how to play about five jazz standards back then; I guess he really believed in me! Arnie taught me the essence of Jazz, and what music is all about”.
Not long after he began performing, he encountered Nino “Elmaghribi” Bitton, an Oud master and singer of Algerian and Moroccan Cha’abi and Arabic-Andalusian Music. “I fell in love with the music. It enriched my musical world and allowed me to gain access to other styles of NorthAfrican music, and also gave me a deeper understanding, from a different perspective, of the Blues genre. I have now re-arranged some of the music that I performed with Nino, which will be included on my debut CD (released soon)”.
Omri has also studied with other great musicians, such as Slava Ganelin, Shoshana Cohen and Dr. Asaf Zohar. He was awarded the highest scholarship given by the Israel-America Music Foundation, for five consecutive years.
To date, Omri has performed at some of the most well-known Jazz Festivals and venues in the world, including the Marciac Jazz Festival, Jazz a Vienne, Marseille Jazz Festival, Guam Jazz Festival and Mitto Festival, performing internationally and throughout Europe, North and South America, North and Central Africa, Asia and Australia.
Omri’s debut album, “It’s About Time!” reflects his musical activity and distinctive style. since his early days on piano.
Guest artists on the album are:
Avishai Cohen – Bass
Karim Ziad – Drums
Michel Alibo – Bass
Maalem Abdelkebir Merchane and his “Gnawa” group