Estelle Piculas
 Choreographer and Instructor

Estelle was raised in a profoundly artistic family. Her father was the Artistic Director and Maestro of the Athens State Orchestra, and her mother a Ballet Principal Dancer in the Greek National Opera, while other family members have had distinguished careers in music and theater. She received her Professional Dance and Teaching Diploma from the Sonia Marianova Professional Institute, and a Diploma in Dance from the Royal Academy of Dance, London. Her passion for Flamenco led her to study and receive the Flamenco Advanced Dance Diploma awarded by the Sociedad de Baile Espanol, and under the direction of Maestro Matthew Trinder. Estelle’s later involvement and interest in performing arts management led her to pursue and receive a B.S. in Business Administration and an Executive MBA from the University of Indianapolis, USA. Since 1992, she leads a successful career as a choreographer, performer, and professor of classical ballet, contemporary dance and Flamenco. Since 1998, she manages and directs the Piculas Creative Art Centre and Dance Company, a government accredited institution. Besides the widespread dance and related courses offered by the institution (classical ballet, contemporary dance, Jazz, folklore dances, anatomy, history, music, etc.), every year the dance company stages dance and theatrical productions, dance galas, and other dance-based shows and events.